Integrated Child Healthcare Services

We offer growth and development monitoring, immunizations, HIV testing and nutrition services

Baylor-Lesotho has a full-time nutritionist who provides consultations to parents whose children have been diagnosed as malnourished. Therapeutic foods are provided to children with severe malnutrition through Ministry of Health programs. We have also partnered with other organizations to support the establishment of Nutrition Corners across Lesotho where health professionals educate mothers on proper nutrition for infants and young children monthly. Sessions are interactive with a hands-on demonstration of nutritious food preparation using readily available local ingredients and gardening. Through a generous donation from AIDS Orphan Care, children with mild malnutrition are provided with peanut butter to improve their diet and nutritional status. Infants and children are also provided with routine vitamin A supplementation and regular de-worming – national strategies to improve nutritional status.

The COE is proud to participate in the Lesotho Expanded Program for Immunizations (EPI) and provides routine childhood vaccines for our HIV-exposed and infected infants and young children.