Wise Youth

Baylor-Lesotho has provided high-quality paediatric care to thousands of children and their families since 2005. With the successes of PMTCT and paediatric HIV management, paediatric mortality has drastically fallen, and HIV is no longer a death sentence. Children are now growing up to be young adults that require additional support for the challenges of adulthood. Teen Club was formed in 2008 to address the psychosocial needs of adolescents enroled at Baylor-Lesotho. The programme continues to grow and expand, with over 450 participants each month at the COE alone. As adolescents age out of
Teen Club, many choose to participate in the Wise Ones Youth Group, a peer support group for young people aged 18-25 years.

Wise Youth assists in the successful transition of adolescents into independent and responsible young adults.

As Teen Club continues to thrive with active participation by Baylor-Lesotho staff members, we have also seen an overwhelming dedication from our volunteers. They work hand in hand with our staff to ensure that Teen Club serves its purpose each month. Many of these volunteers are former Teen Club participants who have graduated but wish to give back to the group. These Wise Youth members provide educational and recreational support with an added focus on life skills and peer mentorship.


Wise Youth members use radio and social media to share their stories and to inspire and encourage other youth to know their status. They are a powerful advocacy force. Other organisations recognise their positive impact and invite them to speak in a variety of youth-focused activities and forums. Additional Wise Youth-led activities are highlighted below.