HIV Stats

According to the Lesotho Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (LePHIA 2017), the first national survey to provide comprehensive information on important HIV/AIDS indicators at national and regional levels, the country has the second-highest prevalence of HIV globally, at a rate of 25.6% for those between 15-59 and 2.1% for ages 0-14. About 306,000 people live with HIV in Lesotho, 15,313 of whom are children under 14 years of age. Of these children, 14,739 are currently on treatment, according to the report.

LePHIA 2016-2017 findings of Lesotho’s progress toward the 2020 goals of UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets showed.

– 77.2% of people living with HIV with known status

– 90.2% of people living with HIV on treatment

– 88.3% of people living with HIV virally suppressed ( LePHIA, 2017)

*Our numbers represent data from 2017. LePHIA 2020 is currently in progress.

These have been pushed up to 95–95–95 targets for the 2030 UNAIDS goals