Psychosocial Support

Holistic Care

BCMCF-L believes in holistic HIV treatment that cares for the whole person. This necessitates programs that address the psychosocial needs of our child and adult patients. Currently, we run three major psychosocial support programs for various types of patients:

Teen Club

Teen Club supports HIV-positive youth aged 11-18 years old and meets monthly at our COE and SCOEs. The mission of Teen Club is to empower HIV-positive adolescents to build positive relationships, improve their self-esteem, and acquire life skills. Teen Club strives to ensure improved clinical and mental health outcomes for our adolescents, as well as a healthy transition into young adulthood through peer mentorship, adult role modeling, and structured activities. Currently, there are over 900 active Teen Club members across Lesotho.

Wise Youth

In 2012, a Wise Youth group for youth 18-24 years old was formed at our COE to provide continued life skills support for youth that have graduated Teen Club and remain patients of Baylor. Wise Youth meet once a month to share in educational and recreational activities and attend Teen Clubs to facilitate activities and to serve as positive role models and mentors for the younger teens. Plans are being developed to begin similar youth groups in other sites.

Caring Fathers

Caring Fathers is a support group for men who have HIV-infected family members. The program encourages men to get tested, to access treatment, and to support their families. Caring Fathers meets monthly at the COE and is led by one of our social workers.