Clinical Research

Our Research Goals

BCMCF-L conducts clinically relevant operational research, assisting in the care of children at the COE, SCOEs, and throughout Lesotho. Our research into outcomes and best practices supports our mission to continually improve and thoroughly understand what works best in caring for children with HIV, TB, and malnutrition in our country’s unique setting. Results from any research conducted are used to improve care at the COE, throughout Lesotho, and in other countries.

Ongoing Medical Audit

As Lesotho looks forward to achieving its goals regarding the HIV pandemic, it is of crucial importance to look critically back at our achievements—including in the clinical arena—and to use any lessons learned in refining future plans, especially in regard to the care of children infected or affected by HIV. BCMCF-L is currently conducting a comprehensive medical audit of clinical and monitoring and evaluation records maintained at the COE and SCOEs between December 2005 and December 2013.
The main purpose of the audit is to learn from our experience in managing children with HIV with a view to improve the care being provided and to inform health policy as it relates to the care of children in Lesotho. A secondary objective is to share any appropriate findings with the wider health and medical fraternity.

Past and Ongoing Research

All BCMCF-L research studies are approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Health, in-country Institutional Review Board (IRB), and Baylor College of Medicine IRB. Examples of past and ongoing research topics include:
• Evaluation of the Lesotho Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment (ETAT) Training Project
• A Prospective Evaluation of Clinical Outcomes and Determining Baseline Factors of Clinical Outcomes of HAART in the Pediatric Population of BIPAI Children’s Centers of Excellence in Africa
• A Prospective Comparison of Adherence to HAART amongst Adolescent Patients of the BIPAI Children’s Centre of Excellence before and after Attendance at Recreational Therapy Camp
• Needs Assessment for Development of a General Pediatrics Nurse Training Curriculum in Lesotho
• A Retrospective study to Evaluate the Effects of Isoniazid Preventative Therapy on Anemia in HIV-infected Children
• Comparison of the Effectiveness of using a single drug Zidovudine versus a 3-drug combination therapy for Prevention of Mother-to-Child-Transmission of HIV at Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation Clinical Center of Excellence-Lesotho